"Encouraging a lifelong passion for learning by providing
opportunities for every child to demonstrate excellence." 

Step 1 introduces children to the letters of the alphabet - their correct formation and the sound each makes.  The letters are taught in a specific sequence so as to encourage word building and word recognition as early as possible.


• Initial sounds
• Letter recognition 
• Letter formation 
• Handwriting practice


FootStep Phonics Step 1 Flashcards
FootStep Phonics Student Workbook 1

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104 page student workbook

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Covers 1 full year of study

A UK approach to early reading.  FootStep Phonics

A UK Proven Approach to Early Reading.

Certificate of Achievement

"The level 1 phonics books added so much fun to our beginner reader classes this year, and I'm looking forward to teaching the next step of the course."  

                     N. Hough - Hong Kong English Teacher