"Encouraging a lifelong passion for learning by providing
opportunities for every child to demonstrate excellence." 

We Drive Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and learning are the supportive pillars to the progress we make as individuals, and what we learn in our first few years of life - and how we learn it - paves the way for learning throughout life.


Errington House is a curriculum provider of Primary Learning Resources that brings a fresh and innovative approach to mastering the English language by providing engaging levelled learning programs to positively stimulate young minds and instil the love of lifelong learning.


With its head office in Hong Kong and further offices in Thailand and South Africa, Errington House provides a range of superior books that are designed to meet the National Standards in Education and support children's thirst for knowledge during their formative years.


Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every education provider by supplying diversified and comprehensive teaching and learning materials that drive learning outcomes and equip every student with the tools to evoke fun and accomplished learning.