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We Tackle Reading Failure As An Urgent Priority

Errington House offers a comprehensive phonics program with engaging learning resources and student textbooks to help young minds learn English.

Our carefully levelled program ensures confident and skilled learners through each step of the phonics journey. Start your child's lifelong learning journey today.

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FOOTSTEP PHONICS -The Fun and Effective Phonics program to learn English

When children face difficulties in acquiring reading skills, it can have a negative impact on their overall development, affecting their behaviour, vocabulary, knowledge, cognitive abilities, and overall ability to learn English.

While reading is a fundamental skill, it is not something that comes naturally. Most children will learn to walk and talk by simply being around others for a certain period of time. However, understanding that specific symbols on a page or screen represent certain sounds requires explicit instruction in phonics.  However, not all phonics courses are created equal. Many programs are outdated in terms of their content and teaching methods, leaving a significant gap in children's reading development. This gap could have been avoided by choosing a more effective phonics course.

The FootStep Phonics Course follows the key principles of learning to read. It takes a systematic, explicit, and consistent approach, placing a strong emphasis on pronunciation. This ensures that children pronounce words with native-like clarity, which is an area where many other phonics programs fall short.

Join the other schools that are benefiting from the FootStep Phonics Course. By doing so, you can provide your students with the best start as they embark on their reading journey.

When should we start teaching phonics?


Research has shown, that children who master the art of reading early, fair better at school than those who don’t.  Therefore, the sooner you begin teaching children phonics, the better.  Although a child as young as two years, will not have developed the skills necessary for writing, it is possible to introduce the alphabet letter names and sounds.

Is Phonics a good method to learn English?

Absolutely!  Not only will children have ample opportunity to perfect their vocabulary, but as they learn English, they'll be able to pronounce what they've learned with total clarity.

A smiling girl
Reading can change lives.  Our phonics course is fun, engaging, and stimulating to all learners, regardless of their level of English.
Speech mark
"Surely nobody can still convincingly argue that systematic phonics isn't the most effective method of teaching children to read"

Chief Inspector of Schools in England and head of Ofsted

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Leung Wai Ching,
English Panel Head

The books are very well structured, and beautifully illustrated. The games and activities are engaging, interesting, and enjoyable to read! 

Teacher standing proud
Mr. Barnardo,
NET Teacher

A solid phonics program that creates the perfect foundation to stimulate young minds through the highly engaging and meaningful learning activities.  

A little girl holding a Footstep Phonics certificate
Julia Fernandez,

Aisha's English test scores have improved, and she speaks more clearly and confidently.


Improve your Phonics Teaching with our FootStep Phonics Posters

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