"Encouraging a lifelong passion for learning by providing
opportunities for every child to demonstrate excellence." 

Footstep Phonics applies a synthetic and fun-filled approach to the acquisition of language and reading skills.


Developed to UK core standards, each title has been carefully leveled to ensure that children grow in confidence and ability through each step.

UK and international research shows overwhelmingly that systematic phonics is the most effective way of teaching reading to children of all abilities and educational backgrounds.

FootStep Phonics children
FootStep Phonics Certificate of Completion

"Aisha's English test scores have improved, and she speaks more clearly and confidently."

                    Julia Fernandez - Brazil IN

"Highly engaging and meaningful learning activities."  

                     Mr. Rigby - Hong Kong English Teacher

"My students love the colourful books and fun phonics lessons."  

                     Ann Wright - Hong Kong English Tutor

Footstep Phonics 5 Steps to phonetic mastery

Reading can change lives. Our method is fun.  It is engaging, and stimulating to all learners, regardless of their level of English.

“Surely nobody can still convincingly argue that systematic phonics isn’t the most effective method of teaching children to read."

            Chief Inspector of Schools In England and head of Ofsted