"Encouraging a lifelong passion for learning by providing
opportunities for every child to demonstrate excellence." 

Errington House brings a fresh and innovative approach to mastering the English language by providing an engaging levelled phonics course to positively stimulate young minds and instil the love of life-long learning.

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FootStep Phonics builds literacy skills and boosts confidence in fluent speech.

Why should we choose the FootStep Phonics Program?

The answer to this and more ... 

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Let's Read, Think & Write Workbooks
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A page from the English Masters course
A page from the English Masters course

Story Time is a fun and interactive course that promotes imaginative communication skills  and the ability to apply these to creative story writing.

  • Enhances the development of spoken language skills, and verbal expression

  • Improves concentration span

  • Expands interests and fosters a healthy imagination

Self-belief and speaking with confidence are important attributes for a successful future.

The Junior Speech Artists course has been carefully designed to introduce your child to public speaking, and overcoming the fear of performing in front of a large crowd. These skills are particularly useful for enhancing your child’s ability to perform on stage as part of debates and other speaking competitions.

  • Teaches preparation and the structuring of a speech

  • Improves confidence and voice projection

  • Enriches teamwork and leadership skills

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Designed to increase children's awareness and understanding of  written text, the Read, Think and Write Series encourages   children to read faster, more accurately, and with greater   comprehension  .... essential skills in today’s competitive world.


Each book has been carefully levelled to ensure success in your classroom and beyond, by including engaging fiction and non-fiction texts that deal with concepts and experiences that young children can relate to.

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